Glasgow Chamber Orchestra

The Glasgow Chamber Orchestra is a charity registered in Scotland No SC022256

The Orchestra is affiliated to Making Music Scotland - Supporting & Championing Voluntary Music

Audition Procedure

The Glasgow Chamber Orchestra uses an audition process in order to maintain a high standard of music-making within the Orchestra.  Please be assured, however, that while the concept of an audition may be daunting, the Orchestra will make every effort to help and encourage all prospective players to play to their best!      The Procedure is laid out below:-

Audition Guidance and Orchestral Extracts

7. A prospective member shall be auditioned on the third rehearsal of attending unless there are exceptional circumstances.

8.  Prior to the rehearsal at which the audition will take place, a prospective string member shall spend part of a rehearsal sitting at the front desk of the appropriate section.

9.  The audition shall take place during a rehearsal interval. The prospective member will be advised of the outcome of the audition in writing by the Orchestral Manager after the rehearsal at which the audition took place.

10. Auditions shall be heard by the Conductor, the Leader, and a relevant Section player.

11. Should a prospective member not be offered membership after audition, he or she shall be free to re-audition in any subsequent term.

12. In the event of a former member wishing to rejoin the orchestra, the Committee may, in consultation with the Conductor, extend an offer of membership to the former member without the need for further audition.

  1. Auditions shall be held for all prospective members of the Glasgow Chamber Orchestra.
  2. Prospective members shall have the choice of playing around 5 minutes of a solo piece, or of playing orchestral excerpts.
  3. A solo piece shall be expected to be of ABRSM Grade 8 standard or above.
  4. Orchestral excerpts shall be determined by the Conductor and Leader (and Section Leader where appropriate) from pieces deemed of appropriate standard.
  5. Some orchestral excerpts are currently available on this web-site ( see below).
  6. There shall be a page on the orchestra website indicating the aspects of performance that will be considered during the audition and a list of relevant orchestral excerpts. Click on the button at the foot of this page.